MWSaHTB, More Players Please!

MWSaHTB Group,

So far we have Gary, Scott, Rich, Steve Ells, Vic , Frank Colizzo, Mark and Ladd for Monday night, 9/10.
Gary, Scott, Frank Colizzo, Vic, Pete, Richard and Shed are signed up for Wednesday, 9/12.
Gary and Shed are signed up for next Saturday, midday, 9/15.

The club can accommodate us on 4 courts but as it stands right now we are 1 player short of filling 2 courts on Wednesday. Please help us out best you can as we try to get this group off the mark for another year. Remember this is your group and your support early on is needed if you want this opportunity to play later in the year, for instance, when the wind is howling and the snow is blowing in January.

Please make use of the online signup procedure by sending an EMail to the MWSaHTB Blog.


Gary K.

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