Updated Procedures

I think the time has come to update some of our procedures as there seems to be a lot of activity that goes on in the 24 hours prior to our matches. Recently it seems as though every session requires me to publish 2 or more revisions to the Match Pairings.

Going forward, I will publish, to the MWSaHTB Blog, the Match Pairings the day before we play by 6pm. Meaning, Monday’s Match Pairings will be published on Sundays at 6pm and Wednesday’s Match Pairings will be published on Tuesdays by 6pm. Saturday’s session is a little harder to handle as HTB can only accommodate us on one court and may need more of an advance commitment from us.

Obviously, we always need players and you are welcome whenever you sign up, but I think in fairness to me you should try to sign up in advance of these Match Pairings being published. The same goes for cancellations and substitutions. Please try to make me aware of these before I publish the Match Pairings to the MWSaHTB Blog.

If you are one of the later signups to participate in one of our sessions, please understand that by default, if you cannot be accommodated in a match (4, 8, 12 or 16 players), then you will be positioned as a substitute player. If you know that you cannot serve as a substitute for that session, please let me know so that we don’t go to you when a substitute is needed.

Gary K.

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