Summer Men’s Doubles

I know the snow is still on the ground but I want to put “a bug in your ear” about the summer Men’s Doubles program that we ran once a week last year.

This program started in early June last year and ran through to September. We played on Thursday nights at the beginning, then found court availability worked better on Wednesday nights. Play was at Exeter High School because they have 6 courts together and we played from 6pm to 8pm. Each session, someone different was noted as being responsible for bringing the balls and I kept a running list to make sure everyone did their share. Signups opened up a few days before we played and matches were put together on a first come, first served basis. These signups were online only and this year we’ll be able to make use of the MWSaHTB Blog for that purpose.

As Spring approaches, I will put together more information and perhaps survey players of their interest and best night to play. I wish we could use PEA’s courts, as they have so many, and they used to allow public play, but I believe they are private-only now.

Gary K.

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