Men’s 3.5+ Outdoor Doubles — Survey Says

I tabulated 16 responses to the Men’s 3.5+ Outdoor Doubles Survey and here are the conclusions.

Over 68% or respondents favored Wednesday night play. The remaining responses were evenly split among Tuesdays and Thursdays. As it seems that NHIAA High School play goes through May 24, I think it would make sense to build in some rain date time that they may need (Exeter High School is always hosting playoff matches) and commence our season on June 5th, promptly at 5:45pm.

As I mentioned in the survey this year, we will use the MWSaHTB Blog ( ) for registration and match pairings information. Signups will open at 10am, on the preceding Thursday (so, for the premier week signups will commence on Thursday, May 30 at 10am). Because it is handled through the MWSaHTB Blog, entries are timestamped and I will know the order of the signups, however, if you jump the 10am gun, you will need to re-register. I will post match pairings and ball responsibilities at 6pm on the day preceding our play.

To sign up, each week, you will need to send an EMail to the MWSaHTB Blog’s proprietary EMail address (you will have this from earlier communications or you can request it from me). Please sign your name and simply state that you are signing up for the coming week’s session.

Gary K.

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