Why We Need to Check the MWSaHTB Blog

I know I have mentioned this before, but it is because of the availability (and attempted accuracy on my part) of this blog, that all matches should always be filled, unlike last night.

If you are playing with this group, it is your responsibility to check the MWSaHTB Blog at http://MWSaHTB.wordpress.com, or better yet by EMail subscription, even if you did not intend to sign up or if you somehow erroneously signed up. Or maybe you did sign up for a session but did not get recorded somehow. If you are signing up in person the night of a session (an advantage afforded you), please make certain that your choice for the following week is heard and recorded correctly.

A week before each session the signup list of those playing in the session begins to appear on the blog, then 1 day before each session the Match Pairings are published. Please do everyone the courtesy of checking in with the MWSaHTB Blog and shout out if you’re not on the list when you think you should be or if you’re being scheduled to play when you had not planned to.

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