Substitute Players — Please Post When You Can no Longer Fill-in.

Recently there have been a couple of instances where players who were signed up as substitutes were no longer available to do so.

It is completely understandable if a substitute makes other plans when they don’t expect to be called on to fill in and play in the matches. However when unfortunate cancellations occur, the substitutes on the list are those we seek out to play.

Going forward, if you are on the list as a substitute, please let us know, by posting to the blog, as soon as you know that you are no longer available. That way, we won’t waste time seeking you to fill in, and will instead try to find other players. The goal is always to salvage the matches, e.g., if we have 16 players and get a cancellation, we don’t want to have to send the last 3 players to sign up home.

Thanks for helping out to make this work just a little better.

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