Summer Play Opportunities — Wednesday, 6/1 We Move Outdoors

Outdoor Men’s 3.5+ Doubles — Wednesdays 6pm at Exeter High School

When High School Tennis playoffs are finished, we move our Men’s 3.5+ Doubles program outdoors, Wednesdays at Exeter High School at 6pm. This year we will begin outdoor play on Wednesday, June 1 @6pm. Signups open online this Thursday at 10am. This means the last HTB session will be Monday, May 30 and I hope we can get a big response for the last indoor session. As with other years, we will be able to move indoors when weather dictates. The same signup procedure is in effect with the exception that signups are online only and open on preceding Thursdays at 10am. The bulk of responses indicated that Wednesday remains the best evening for play.

Seacoast Tennis Ladder

The Seacoast Tennis Ladder has offered Men’s Singles play since 2004. For information, please visit http://Http://
STL play begins on May 1.

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