Match Pairings — Monday, 3/13, 7pm – 9pm @HTB

Here are the Match Pairings for Monday, 3/13, 7pm – 9pm @HTB;

Court 1:
Robin / Tyler
Ron / Bill Ross

Court 2:
Paul D. / Rob Kanzer
Dal / Brian F.

Court 3:
Tim / Andy
Brian G. / Kamal

Please note that we do not have a substitute. Please no cancellations as I may not be available to address the next cancellation (we’ve already had 4).

I will send the Match Pairings sheet for HTB to print off Monday. Also, if you can please throw a new can of championship balls in your bag. If you supply a can, HTB will repay you $4 per can while you will still pay the $11 session fee. You will need 1 new can for each match played.

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