Not So Good News

It seems the momentum from The Sports Barn is towards discontinuing our play on Monday/Wednesday and moving us to Tuesday/Thursday. There was mention that we otherwise would only get 2 courts with 2 courts playing basketball and also would have to move our times back to 7:30pm on Thursdays.

In the spirit of cooperation, I had proposed that we give up our Wednesdays, but The Sports Barn give us our Mondays. That has always been our most participated night and frankly it seems the only night that some of our long-term players are available to play.

My most recent communication was the suggestion that they guarantee us Thursday without concurrent basketball and then provide us with Monday, with the understanding that any courts we do not fill could be filled by basketball. Seems to me that there would be enough internal pressure from the group to fill the 4 courts so as not to suffer the basketball noise. I am further learning that if we did not fill 4 courts every Monday night, with only a handful of misses, we would lose Monday and basketball would take over.

Please note that for me, any of the days should be fine. I would probably even prefer Tuesday/Thursday, but I do not like the idea that we have to play 7:30pm – 9:30pm. So I am completely trying to be democratic about this.

To summarize, here are the facts as I know them;

  • We can have Monday, 7pm – 9pm without basketball, but we must assure the filling of 4 courts every Monday. Can we really do this? Would players really make sure this happens, else The Sports Barn takes Monday away and puts in basketball?
  • The above would mean that we would play Thursday without basketball, but that would be 7:30pm – 9:30pm (those of us who played last night would probably tell you that was not so great), and the incongruity between Monday’s time slot and Thursday’s time slot could be problematic.
  • Finally, we could just play Tuesday/Thursday without basketball and 4 court filling pressure, but this would probably be 7:30pm – 9:30pm and I worry that we would be cutting out some of our long-term players or those with tight schedules for whom Monday has always worked well.
  • In an ideal world, I guess I wish we could play Monday/Thursday but 7pm-9pm and that our players step up and make sure 4 courts are always filled on Monday. I had thought we were giving up enough by acknowledging that The Sports Barn had to take our Wednesday nights.

I may put a survey together, such as we did for this summer’s outdoor play.

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