Sports Barn Request

I am posting this note from Chad at The Sports Barn as a courtesy. Frankly, I do not see the behavior he is referencing from our group, especially the foot powder thing, but I don’t think we will have to up our game much to keep their courts clean. My recollection is that there are no trash receptacles at the courts.

Hi Gary-
This is Chad over at the Sports Barn. I’m reaching out hoping you could send an e-mail to your group in regards to cleaning up after you play on Monday’s and Wednesday’s.
We’ve had a consistent problem week to week finding trash like dirty tissues, empty cans and the sharp silver tops. The silver tops have the potential of being picked up by one of the many children we have within the facility and cutting their hands. Last week I know we had an issue with foot powder being applied on the court and powder was left all over the court area where it was applied.
I’m sure your group would not like to walk onto a court that had trash and foot powder left behind, we’re simply asking them to be courteous. Please explain that if they are going to use the facility we expect them to treat it with respect.
Thank you in advance for your help,
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