How the program works:

For the benefit of prospective players, I am rehashing the signup procedures here.  Please, Men’s 3.5+  NTRP players only and you must be 18 years or over to play. More information is available under the Procedures tab.

There are 2 ways to signup for Men’s 3.5+ Doubles held on Mondays and Thursday (7pm – 9pm, Mondays and 7:30pm – 9:30pm, Thursdays). Note: Substitutes are always welcome.  If you are signing up as a sub, please make that clear.

  1.  You can sign up at the Tennis Barn for the upcoming week.  As an example,  if you are playing on a Monday night then you can sign up at the desk for the upcoming Thursday night, and following Monday night sessions.  Similarly, if you are playing there on Thursday night, you can sign up at the desk for the following Monday night and Thursday night sessions.
  2. You can sign up online (your EMail must be dated no earlier than one week ahead to be valid).  You accomplish this by sending an EMail to the Blog’s restricted EMail address (I will provide you with this proprietary EMail address by request of  Your message should say something like, “Please sign me up for Monday night Men’s Doubles on 9/10″.  When you do so, the Blog will display your EMail and I will get a notification.  You can also subscribe to the blog and see match pairings and other relevant information by going to the Blog website, and filling in the Follow Blog via Email dialog box in the top right corner, or clicking the “+Follow” button.

Players who sign up at The Sports Barn as in step #1, have preference over online signups. The reason this is important is because players will fill matches on a first come/first served basis. I.e., if you are #13 signing up and we don’t get 3 more players to make a fourth doubles match, then you will not be playing in that particular session.

The “Players in Matches” posting that will appear on the blog ahead of Men’s Doubles sessions will be your confirmation that you are playing in the session.