Last Minute Cancellations — Not So Good

Our only commitment in this program is week to week. No contract to be paid, no signing up for an extended block of play, no requirement on an individual’s part to obtain a replacement player.

Having said that, cancellations on the day of a match or right after I have published the match pairings (always 7pm the evening before matches) are an added burden for the administration of this program.

If you have an injury, sickness, family issue or any other situation requiring that you cancel, please try to let us know as soon as you know your situation. It is incredibly frustrating to plan the best competitive matches to learn shortly thereafter that I have to juggle things all over again. Still, we all realize things can happen with very short notice. We once had a player learn an hour before the matches that his son had been in a car accident. God forbid, that kind of thing does not happen ever again.

Gary K.

If You Have to Cancel…

…please don’t wait till the last minute or day of the matches to post that you are dropping out of the matches.

We all get sick, get injured, or have work and family commitments pop up, but please try to let us know as soon as possible with a post to the blog. The Match Pairings post comes out 24 hours prior to match play, so ideally you let us know before that so that I do not have to redo the match pairings. Now that we have such a robust list of players, we should be able to replace you, but better early than later.

Finally, if you are being listed as a substitute, please let us know if at some point you are no longer able to be a substitute by posting to the blog. That way, if we do get a late cancellation, I won’t waste time searching for you. Subs are always needed.

Thanks for everyone’s help!

Gary K.

Significant Change to Signup Procedures

I have given this matter much consideration and I believe a change to our signup procedure is in order.

With the reduction of our available courts to 3 courts on Mondays and 2 on Wednesdays, the physical signups at the front desk no longer seem equitable to all players. The potential is there to have the same 12 and 8 players playing every Monday and Wednesday night respectively. Sometimes players are called away on business or vacation or perhaps they are sick or injured and the limitation of the front desk physical signups could mean that they will have to wait a long time to once again play in a match.

Therefore, going forward, signups will be handled exclusively online by posting your signup request to the blog. Remember to include your name and session you are signing up for in the body of your Email post. If you do not have the proprietary Email address for posting or have any difficulties or questions, please send me an email directly, Signups for Monday sessions will open online on Tuesdays at 10am and for Wednesday sessions at 10am on Thursdays. I encourage you to make certain that you are subscribed to receive blog posts by Email. This method will be consistent with how we handled our summer outdoor matches and will give all players an equal chance of making the matches.

So, set your smartphone to remind you for Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am, if you are planning on signing up for the following Monday/Wednesday session.



As you all know, I supply the tennis balls for our sessions. We all pay an additional $1 on top of the $10/p.p. 2-hour court fee to pay for the balls. So, each court is paying $4 for the balls and I am reimbursed $4 per can.

I realize I am at 99% of the matches but in the oft chance that I am unable to attend a session, I need to ask you all a favor. Please everyone, throw a new can of championship balls in your bag (regular duty works best for us). That way, should I be unable to attend, 4 players (or however many courts we are using) can step up with a can of balls at the front desk. Those supplying the balls will continue to pay the $11 cost of the session, but will be reimbursed $4 for supplying the balls.

Going forward, if I have a planned absence, I will mention this again, reminding players to have that new can with them in their bag should the need arise.


MWSaHTB 3.5+ Men’s Doubles — Procedures Review

Because we have so many new players and because I will be out with knee surgery, it’s a good time to go over how the MWSaHTB Blog, signups and the Monday/Wednesday evening sessions work.

The MWSaHTB Blog is at http:\\ The Blog has a lot of information explaining how we run things and there is a link there to a list of our players. For privacy reasons, this .PdF file is password protected. If you need the password, please EMail me directly at

There is an unpublished EMail address for sending posts to the blog (e.g., signing up for a session). Please EMail me directly at if you are in need of
this proprietary EMail address. It is highly recommended that you agree to follow the Blog by EMail subscription. There is a Follow button for doing this on the website,http:\\ It is located in the top right corner of the page.

It is important that once you sign up, and, by chance, your availability changes, that you post online to let us know. You may be listed as a substitute and we don’t want to waste time contacting you if you are no longer available. Please, same-day cancellations are especially difficult to manage. If you have some kind of emergency, last minute cancellation, you need to call HTB directly at 603-926-2276.

Summer Play Opportunities

Outdoor Men’s 3.5+ Doubles — Wednesdays at Exeter High School

Around the middle of June, when High School Tennis playoffs are finished, we move our Men’s 3.5+ Doubles program outdoors, Wednesdays at Exeter High School at 6pm. The same signup procedure is in effect with the exception that signups are online only and open on preceding Thursdays at 10am.

Seacoast Tennis Ladder

The Seacoast Tennis Ladder has offered Men’s Singles and Doubles play since 2004. For information, please visit http:\\
STL play begins on May 1.

Please Check the MWSaHTB Blog!

The no-show last night could have been prevented if everyone checks the MWSaHTB Blog. The list of players signed up to play gets published twice, once when players first sign up to play, then again with the list of players in matches.

Please check the blog, and/or pay attention to the EMails you receive by subscription, to make sure your name is on the list when you expect to be playing, or to make sure it is not on the list when you believe you did not sign up.

Nobody wants to show up and find out there are only 3 players standing courtside.

Substitute Players — Please Post When You Can no Longer Fill-in.

Recently there have been a couple of instances where players who were signed up as substitutes were no longer available to do so.

It is completely understandable if a substitute makes other plans when they don’t expect to be called on to fill in and play in the matches. However when unfortunate cancellations occur, the substitutes on the list are those we seek out to play.

Going forward, if you are on the list as a substitute, please let us know, by posting to the blog, as soon as you know that you are no longer available. That way, we won’t waste time seeking you to fill in, and will instead try to find other players. The goal is always to salvage the matches, e.g., if we have 16 players and get a cancellation, we don’t want to have to send the last 3 players to sign up home.

Thanks for helping out to make this work just a little better.

Always a Good Idea to Check the Blog’s Webpage

Although this post defeats my purpose, I want to explain that I try to minimize the MWSaHTB Blog posts that you receive in your EMail InBoxes by subscription because I am sensitive to filling your InBox with messages.

Often when players add or delete themselves from a signup, I simply edit the post that appears directly on the blog website, i.e., the edited post does not get EMailed to you. On the other hand, when there is a sudden need for a replacement player or a change to our match session, I do make it an original post that does in fact generate a new EMail to you.

So, if you wish to stay up with minor modifications to posts on the blog, please be sure to check the website, Hope this makes sense to all. If you have any other questions about how things operate, please just ask me.

Weather Procedure for Outdoor Matches @EHS

I believe we have implicitly operated under this procedure, but it’s worth publishing.

Whenever weather conditions threaten our outdoor play at Exeter High School, we will try to move the matches indoors at HTB. When the cancellation of outdoor play is obvious early on, we will try to play 6pm – 8pm and when there is a decision late, we will try to play 7pm – 9pm.

All of this is contingent on HTB being able to accommodate us with courts (this worked well last night as we played at HTB from 6pm – 8pm). Our court costs will be $8/player and balls are supplied by the designated player, same as we handle it outdoors.

The general assumption is that all signed up will be willing to move their play indoors. If at some point you know you will not be able to, or are uninterested in moving indoors, please let us know ASAP so that we can make adjustments.

Why We Need to Check the MWSaHTB Blog

Posted on November 26, 2013by gkamieneski

I know I have mentioned this before, but it is because of the availability (and attempted accuracy on my part) of this blog, that all matches should always be filled, unlike last night.

If you are playing with this group, it is your responsibility to check the MWSaHTB Blog at, or better yet by EMail subscription, even if you did not intend to sign up or if you somehow erroneously signed up. Or maybe you did sign up for a session but did not get recorded somehow. If you are signing up in person the night of a session (an advantage afforded you), please make certain that your choice for the following week is heard and recorded correctly.

A week before each session the signup list of those playing in the session begins to appear on the blog, then 1 day before each session those players playing are published. Please do everyone the courtesy of checking in with the MWSaHTB Blog and shout out if you’re not on the list when you think you should be or if you’re being scheduled to play when you had not planned to.

Updated Procedures

Posted on February 20, 2013 by gkamieneski

I think the time has come to update some of our procedures as there seems to be a lot of activity that goes on in the 24 hours prior to our matches. Recently it seems as though every session requires me to publish 2 or more revisions to the Match Pairings.

Going forward, I will publish, to the MWSaHTB Blog, those playing the day before we play at 7pm. Meaning, Monday’s players will be published on Sundays by 7pm and Wednesday’s players will be published on Tuesdays by 7pm.

Obviously, we always need players and you are welcome whenever you sign up, but I think in fairness to me you should try to sign up in advance of these players being published. The same goes for cancellations and substitutions. Please try to make me aware of these before I publish the players to the MWSaHTB Blog.

If you are one of the later signups to participate in one of our sessions, please understand that by default, if you cannot be accommodated in a match (4, 8, 12 or 16 players), then you will be positioned as a substitute player. If you know that you cannot serve as a substitute for that session, please let me know so that we don’t go to you when a substitute is needed.

Cancellation Policy

Posted on September 20, 2012

Cancellations before the matches are planned (matches are planned the day before play) could result in the last few players to have signed up being out of play (hence the importance of the timing of the signups). The MWSaHTB Blog makes it physically evident as to when a player signs up.  As an example, if there is a cancellation before the players are published, players signing up as 9, 10, and 11 of a 12-player field may be out of play.

Cancellations from the day before play till midday of play should be handled either by personally contacting a replacement and/or posting to the MWSaHTB Blog, or asking for my help. On the day of play, midday on, The HTB front desk will get  involved with calling for an “emergency” replacement. To that end, I have provided The HTB with a compiled list of possible players, their telephone numbers and Email addresses.  The HTB phone number is 603.926.2276.

Happy to answer any questions.